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What We Do

As an Organization:

The Miss Capital Area Scholarship Program's Board of Directors work throughout the year to raise scholarship dollars to award at our annual competition. We work with our titleholders to prepare them for the Miss New Hampshire and Miss New Hampshire's Teen competitions. We empower our titleholders to excel in their education, to be leaders in their communities, and to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

As a Titleholder:

As Miss Capital Area, Miss Capital Area's Teen, Miss Liberty, or Miss Liberty's Teen, you will be a brand ambassador, promoting our program whenever possible, and upholding the principles of the "four points of the crown": Scholarship, Service, Style, Success. You will represent our local program at the Miss New Hampshire or Miss New Hampshire's Teen competition, and could even become the next Miss America or Miss America's Teen. 

Throwing Caps
Volunteering Together
Purse and Fashion Accessories
Girls Party


Dedication to Academics


Making a Difference


Unique to You


Your Own Journey

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